TSC - Tamaskan Showing Club


Welcome to only the TDR official Tamaskan Showing Club

To register for the showing club your dog must be registered with the TDR (not the UK TDR, the real one) OR be a registered foundation dog (for the FD classes) OR can be a look-alike to be entered in the Look-alike classes:

Show name (for example Sierra Kaweah)
Call name (for example Wylie)
Two good quality photographs. Both images must be over 400 X 400 px. Phone quality pictures are not ideal, but acceptable. Remember judges can't see how lovely your dog is without a good photo! Discretely watermarked images are fine, but you MUST have rights to the image(s).

If your dog is from Blustag / Blufawn from BEFORE 2012 you will be entered in the regular Tamaskan classes, if AFTER 2012 you will be entered in the look alike classes.

Please provide a stacked photograph of your dog. It must be a side shot with the dog looking straight ahead (not at the photographer) standing straight and not in movement. You may need a friend to help.

Please provide a head shot of your dog. This must be a head on photograph with the dog looking at the photographer.

ALL dogs previously entered MUST resubmit all information.

Email us to register your dog.